Postdoctoral Students

Aditya Shrinivas

ACE 2019 Graduate

“I work on development economics. My research centers around price analysis, food security and risk sharing. My job market paper focuses on the impact of India’s food subsidy program – Public Distribution System (PDS) – on food security. I’m also working on understanding the mechanics of the standard risk sharing test and the constraints that may be barriers to full risk sharing.”

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DOctoral Students

Protensia Hadunka

PhD Student

“I am interested in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. My current work focuses on looking at the effects of the FISP Program on Charcoal productions and/marketing in Zambia. I am also part of the team that is currently doing a systematic review of Agroforestry studies that have been all over the world and mapping the studies to understand the study gaps.”

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Gowthami Venkateshwaran

PhD Student

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Paavani Sachdeva

PhD Student

“I am interested in Environmental and Resource Economics and the interaction between policy, ecology and social welfare. My current work focuses on historical causes, trends and impact of food insecurity in India.”

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Frederick Nyanzu

PhD Student

“I am a PhD student at University of Illinois. My research is seated in environmental and development economics, including farmland values, conservation, food security and welfare, and consumers WTP for land conservation that promote environmental and food sustainability. The motivation behind my research is a desire to increase our understanding of the linkages between humans and the environment, and to explore how subgroups of people benefit from these linkages.”

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Chungmann Kim

PhD Student

“My research interest centers on exploring agricultural programs impact on rural economy, farmers’ resilience to weather and climate change, and food/nutrition security in low-income countries. Methodology-wise, I am developing my skills in applying machine learning algorithms to draw causal inference and build predictive models.”

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Masters Students

Gustavo Enrique Nino

Masters Student

“I am interested in development and agricultural economics. I am especially involved in price shock management, supply chain value, farm decision and food business. My current work focus on the effect that a reduction of violence exposure may have in the household’s food diversity consumption and the investment decision in their farms. I am also researching about price shocks forecasting in agricultural markets using machine learning technics that incorporate high dimensional data.”

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