Pablo Ordoñez

Candidate 2021

“I am interested in Environmental and Development economics. My current work focuses on deforestation, specifically looking at the adoption of conservation programs and its effects in Mexico and at the environmental and development consequences of illegal coca markets in Colombia. More generally, I am interested in studying how public policies impact poverty and the environment.”

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Patrese Nicole Anderson

Candidate 2021

“I am interested in Development Economics, specifically I focus on issues related to international food security, labor, and migration. I am currently part of a large multidisciplinary research team evaluating the effects of drought hazards in subsistence agriculture in Zambia, a rapidly developing and agriculturally dependent sub-Saharan African country.”

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Armand Dagbegnon Tossou

Candidate 2021

“I am interested in Development and Household Economics. My current work focuses on investigating the impact on maize yields of giving voucher vs. physical input agricultural subsidies to Zambian smallholders. I am also involved in the impact evaluation of a randomized irrigation project in Haiti as well as the adoption study of a rice production technology in West Africa (Benin in particular).”


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